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Sand & Scan Ultrasound Lab w/FOAMfrat

Sunday, April 7  |   8:00 am-5:00 pm

There is no charge. Registration is based on a lottery if numbers exceed 40!

Registered CCTMC attendees are given slots first.

Prehospital ultrasound is quickly becoming one of the most valued tools in the critical care
toolbox. Pre-hospital ultrasound provides a quick and practical way to answer important
clinical questions at the bedside, whether you are ruling out a pneumothorax, identifying
causes of hypotension, or investigating whether that PEA arrest is just a profound shock.
Join the FOAMfrat team for a full-day prehospital ultrasound workshop. This workshop will
teach the essentials of ultrasound using animations, engaging graphics, and hands-on

• Define the clinical questions that ultrasound can assist a clinician in answering
• Identify common ultrasound views utilized for the heart, lung, and abdomen.
• Discuss sensitivity and specificity in regard to ultrasound findings as it correlates to
pertinent clinical questions.
Target Audience: Prehospital and Critical Care Transport Clinicians